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This Is the Best Auto-refractor Keratometer for Optometrists

Retinoscopy and baseline refraction was the go-to techniques for eye diagnosis and description. Still, thanks to technological advancements, there are better devices that aren’t just easy to use but guarantee precise prescriptions.

The innovations are a big plus to optometrists because the eyes are the most complicated organs. Your eyes are full of intricately clustered blood vessels, nerves, soft tissues, and muscles that work in tandem to make the most important sense of all the five senses.

You need your sight for just about everything hence the need for perfect or almost perfect vision. Because of the need for perfection, optometrists are looking to determine the most precise prescription needed for 20/20 vision. This is where the auto-refractor/ keratometer comes in.



What is an Auto-refractor Keratometer?

This is the device used to determine the prescription of an eye. It measures how light is affected as it travels through your eyeball, providing the best baseline for an ophthalmologist to ascertain the correct contact lens or eyeglass prescription.

Auto-refractors are gaining popularity because they are quick to use, and they are also painless. It also offers more data compared to a retinoscope.

At the same time, there are portable auto-refractors that make it easy for you to take your practice wherever you are.

How does an auto-refractor work?

The auto-refractor shines light into the eye, and then it measures how the light changes as it bounces off the ocular fundus (the back of the eye). A patient is shown an image that moves in and out of focus. In the process, the auto-refractor takes the measurements of the reflections to determine when the eye is perfectly focused.

Once the figures are put together, the optometrist will know the level of correction required for the patient’s vision to be at its best.

The best Auto-refractor Keratometer help in determining the shape of the cornea aside from giving the correct prescription. Determining the shape of the cornea is important in diagnosing conditions like astigmatism and corneal distortion.

Thanks to the versatility of an autorefractor keratometer, different companies have come up with their unique autorefractors.

Autorefractors Keratometers with the best features and affordable pricing

To meet the needs of every optometrist, there are numerous designs of autorefractor keratometers. Some have more features than others, and this brings about the difference in pricing. But, despite the differences, there is still an auto-refractor for every optometrist.

  1. NIDEK RKT-7700 ($5,050.00)

nidek rkt 7700

End the days of using slow and unreliable retinoscopes by buying this state-of-the-art NIDEK Autorefractor Keratometer Tonometer RKT-7700.

The RKT-7700 is an innovatively designed device that brings every optometrist’s dream a reality. It is the first model of an auto-refractor keratometer and a non-contact tonometer.

RKT-7700 is a versatile piece of equipment with more than one function. The unit houses an autorefractor, a keratometer, and a tonometer. A tonometer helps in determining the interocular pressure, which is the fluid pressure in the eye.

It is used to test for glaucoma. Therefore, an optometrist will be able to determine the overall health of the eyes using one device.

RKT-7700 is space-saving and reliable because it gives fast and precise measurements. It also has 3D auto-tracking and auto-shooting, which increase the efficiency of the device. You will also like it because it has a printer with an automatic paper cutter to get the printed results of the eye correction test on paper.

It is safe to use as it has a one-touch lock, and your patients will like it because of the patient-friendly softer air. The device has a patient detection sensor; it also increases the efficiency of the NIDEK Autorefractor Keratometer Tonometer RKT-7700.

  1. Topcon KR-8000PA ($5,890.00)

Topcon KR 8000PA

You have been looking for a high-tech auto-refractor and an auto-keratometer for corneal mapping, and this is Topcon KR-8000PA is exactly what you need.

Topcon KR-8000PA is a computerized color corneal mapping system that combines an auto-refractor and an auto-keratometer at a fraction of the cost of the individual instruments. So, besides saving you money, it will increase the efficiency of service delivery.

This KR 8000PA’s auto-tracking and auto-measurement ease operations and offer object data if the results are unmatched in reliability and accuracy.

The color-mapping software used in this device improves clinical evaluations, and it has adjustable parameters which allow the contact lens to fit on the screen.

This device allows three functions; keratometry, refraction, and corneal mapping at one station. It also comes with a contact lens fitting function, a direct link to the CV system, auto-alignment, and auto-measurement. You can also use it for early phase detection of subclinical keratoconus.

  1. Tomey RT 7000 ($5,250.00)

tomey rt 7000

Are you tired of moving your patients from one station to the other? How about the hassle of resetting devices a hundred times a day? Well, if you are looking for an efficient solution, you should try this Tomey RT 7000.

Tomey RT 7000 is an advanced but affordable autorefractor keratometer that also functions as a topographer. It has functions that allow for comprehensive eye inspections without the hassle of moving from one station to the other.

With a single touch, you can switch from the Ref-Keratometer mode to the corneal topography mode. It also lets you align the eye center with the center of the screen quickly.

The features of this Tomey RT 7000 Autorefractor Keratometer Topographer allow for triple functionality within one unit. The color TFT LCD screen allows for easy measurement of diameter measurements of the pupil and the cornea.

  1. NIDEK ARK-30 ($2,950.00)

nidek ark 30

NIDEK ARK-30 hand-held device for optometry is one of the most affordable devices in optometry. ARK-30 device allows measurements to be taken on physically challenged patients or patients in wheelchairs.

ARK-30 offers a high level of portability, especially for refractive procedures in the operating room.

NIDEK ARK-30 is lightweight and portable, has a data memory for 30 people, and allows for wireless communication and the relay of information. With these features, it offers fast and accurate measurements.

Some of its main functions include the auto-shot, AI measuring, and focusing indicator functions. The refurbishment by Marco 8/2016 is the reason for the device’s reliability and accuracy. It has an elegant design, and the lid converts into a fully functional table mount refractor.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and highly portable auto-refractor keratometer for your optometry practice and use at the operating table, then you should consider getting this NIDEK ARK-30.

  1. ZEISS VISUREF 100 ($2,999.00)

zeiss visuref 100

Zeiss Visuref 100 is one of the most basic ophthalmetry devices with a keratometer and an autorefractor. It has several handling features which allow you to run the dimensions of the pupil and the iris with just one apparatus.

Zeiss Visuref 100 gives precise and reliable data for ophthalmic routines. It is intuitive, and you can use it to take refraction measurements of individuals with implanted IOLs. It also has an automatic fogging feature that incorporates an infinity scene to reduce lodging effects.

Zeiss Visuref 100 measurements range from -25D to +22Operational and D-modes, all of which work to measure the corneal diameter, keratometry, refraction, and contact lens base curve. It also features a motorized chinrest and a 6.4” TFT tiltable color LCD screen. There also is an integrated thermo-printer and an RS-232 interface.

Other than the excellent price, the ZEISS VISUREF 100 is beneficial and loved by patients and practitioners because it gives reliable and accurate data, convenient measurement, transparent information, clear visibility, and patient comfort.


There you have it, the best auto-refractors keratometers for optometrists. These devices offer exceptional service delivery and are affordable. So, if you are looking to improve the patients’ experience and proficiency, get any one of these auto-refractor keratometers.

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