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iCare HOME2 Tonometer

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iCare HOME2 Tonometer

iCare HOME2 tonometer for patient use revolutionizes glaucoma care. Icare HOME2 is lightweight and easy to carry with its storage case.

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iCare HOME2

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iCare Home2 Designed for use by the patient suspected of glaucoma, who needs to monitor their IOP as recommended by an ophthalmologist regularly. iCare Home2, like all iCare tonometers, uses patented bounce technology that allows you to measure IOP safely, painlessly, and painlessly.

iCare HOME2 provides ease of use and accuracy in monitoring real-world IOP behavior outside of the doctor’s office and clinical hours, supporting glaucoma management, according to a company news release.

This new concept of continuous monitoring provides more information to the Ophthalmologist and comfort to the patient.

Benefits of using iCare HOME2

  • iCare HOME2 helps to compare the effect of various medications on IOP to find the optimum regime for a specific patient.
  • The IOP data can reveal the need for surgery sooner. iCare’s gentle measurement technique allows post-surgical monitoring to begin without delay.
  • iCare HOME2 can be instrumental when treating patients with progressing glaucoma despite reasonable IOPs at the clinic.
  • iCare HOME2 can be invaluable during these pandemic times, enabling patients to collect IOP data and clinicians to follow up with them remotely.
  • The ability to deliver virtual care is valuable in rural and remote settings.

Patients actively contributing to glaucoma care.

Glaucoma suspects and patients can measure their IOP using the HOME2 tonometer during normal activities as directed by their doctor. The iCare PATIENT2 mobile app provides the patient a graphical view of their IOP measurements history, increasing compliance with their treatment plan and follow-up appointments. The IOP measurement results are easily shared with the doctor.

A modern approach to diurnal IOP monitoring

The iCare HOME2 tonometer for patient use revolutionizes glaucoma care. The patient can take IOP measurements during normal daily activities throughout the day, and the iCare HOME2 can even be used when the patient is lying down. Measurement results are uploaded to a cloud database from which they are easily accessible to the doctor and the patient. The doctor is provided with accurate real-world IOP data to support treatment decisions.

Enhanced ease of use with iCare HOME2 and PATIENT2

The iCare HOME2 monitoring is easy to deploy as most patients can use the device with the help of intuitive training materials. iCare HOME2 guides the patient to take high-quality measurements every time. As with all iCare tonometers, measuring requires no anesthesia, drops, air, or other preparation. Many clinical studies have shown iCare HOME, the predecessor of iCare HOME2, to be accurate and reliable.

With the intuitive PATIENT2 mobile app, the patient can follow their IOP trends in an iOS or Android mobile device and easily send the IOP results for healthcare professional’s review.

Glaucoma treatment decisions supported by comprehensive and reliable IOP data

iCare HOME2 allows measurements at different times over several days, providing a comprehensive picture of intraocular pressure fluctuations. At-home measurements may help reveal IOP spikes that would not have been identified had measurements only been taken during office hours in the clinic. Doctors have access to the IOP results at any time, and the system can be configured to send the doctor an e-mail alert if the IOP rises above a pre-set limit.

Connecting patients and healthcare professionals

iCare CLINIC is cloud-based software available for practices and hospitals for storing and analyzing IOP information. The IOP information is easily accessible using a mobile app or a web browser and is available for physicians and patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Informative reports are available, including a report that compares IOP measurement results from before and after a medication change or a pressure-lowering procedure. Uploading IOP information from the iCare tonometers to the cloud happens easily with the iCare PATIENT2 app using a mobile device or with the iCare EXPORT software running in a PC environment.

iCare HOME2 Features:

  • Fully integrated app for IOS and Android that utilizes the cloud for data security and storage.
  • Intelligent positioning system for correct alignment of the tonometer using Smart Light Guide.
  • Now can be used when lying down and has a scope of 200 degrees of use.
  • Display screen to show readings and errors to the user
  • A magnet has been placed inside the probe applicator, meaning probes can’t move or fall out.
  • Data can be kept securely in hospital servers, personal cloud storage, or practice cloud.

We also highlight the following features:

  • Tilt sensor to allow measurement on patients in both vertical and horizontal positions
  • Advanced measurement algorithm with a greater number of measurement parameters
  • History of thousands of measurements always available on the color display.
  • With USB connection for data transfer and charging
  • Uploading measurements to a Cloud that can be accessed by either the doctor or the patient

The product package includes:

  • intraocular pressure monitor
  • additional sensor housing
  • cables for transferring ophthalmometer data via an Android smartphone or tablet, or computer to a network database. Data is transferred wirelessly via an iOS mobile device.
  • Pack of 50 disposable sensors for intraocular pressure. Sterilized and individually packaged.
  • Sensor housing for iCare HOME and HOME2 intraocular pressure monitors
  • Batteries for iCare HOME2 intraocular pressure monitor (4 pcs)

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