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Topcon SL-2G Clinical Slit Lamp

Topcon SL-2G is a medical slit lamp for use in an eye examination. It features a compact illumination unit with an LED light source. The slit mechanism that is adjustable is housed by the unit .

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Topcon SL-2G

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Topcon SL-2G Digital Slit Lamp Basic, Economical, and Environmentally Friendly

It lies in the queue of Galileo convergence microscope which is all advanced and develops with great technological parameters. To begin with, SL-2G is one of the necessary yet essential eye care equipment that is the legitimate and useful choice to get defined and refined eye structure of the patient. Topcon this optical instrument is one of the best solutions for both operational and examination purposes.

SL-2G digital slit lamp is a unique LED light source eye equipment which is pocket-friendly and environmentally friendly. In addition, it is one of the significant low illumination slip devices by Topcon with approximate live longevity of 10.000 hours. Its 100 times longer life than any other conventional halogen bulb makes it an ideal eye care instrument.

The long history of “Goldmann Tonometer” with the yellow filter with the parallel binocular tube is the dominant feature of SL-2G.

Product Description About Topcon SL-2G Digital Slit Lamp

Topcon’s SL-2G Digital Slit Lamp is a significant solution for retinal professionals that offer strain free and stress-free examination. It has an excellent design with quality material, with long life durability and usage. SL-2G is the compact yet durable structure that above all provides ever detailed feature and eye issues of the patient clearly.

SL-2G from Topcon is an ideally useful and supportive advanced microscopic structure that supports other technological devices. It gives eye care specialist a fine structure of an eye with high-quality images and videos. The digital ability of SL-2G allows the user to filter the pictures with great magnifications fundus and power.

The Topcon SL-2D LED Slit Lamp is ideal in use, saves power, and also ensure environmental friendly feature. It also lowers the risk of bulb replacement. In fact, it is not all featured with the joystick trigger button. It holds an LED lamp house unit placed on its SL-1E. It consists of many special and unique features that increase its usability by eye care specialists globally.

Key Features:

  • LED illumination
  • Three magnifications: 10x, 16x, 25x
  • 14mm slit
  • Affordable price for a comprehensive clinical instrument
  • Optional mounts for R900 or 870 tonometers are available

Specifications Of Topcon SL-2G Digital Slit Lamp:

  • Quality Magnifications: Topcon, this specific eye care instrument, is ideal for producing clear, sharp and high-quality photo set with both anterior and posterior imaging capability. SL-2G is all equipped with great magnifications of various ratios and ranges. The three magnification ability hold three steps magnification drums. It magnification ranged comes in 10x 16x and 25x respectively.
  • Special-Filters: SL-2G eye care instrument from Topcon inherited with standard filter features that give clear, high quality and sharp imaging. Its special filter feature improves its optical specification to provide high contrast yet balanced photography and videography. It is all composed of Blue and Red-Free standard filter with IOP measurements.
  • Unique LED Illumination: SL-D2 is an affordable LED slit lamp solution of eye specialists to practice and examine clinically. It is all featured with long life LED illumination to blub that saves power and money. It also lowers the risk of early replacements.
  • Other Essential Features: It comes with an adjustable dioptre between 5D to +3D mode. The eyepiece composed in this Ergonomic design of SL-2D enhances user’s ability and patients comfort as well. Its omnidirectional joystick gives easy accessibility movement with adjustable positioning. SL-2D is Slip Lamp is all angel rotational and flexible LED which is capable of moving from 0 to 180 degrees.
  • Optional Accessories: You can easily attach other Topcon additional yet optional accessories to SL-2G eye equipment. The accessories accessible with this are External Fixation Target (SO-FT02), Fundus Viewer FV-1L, Yellow Filter. You can even connect the equipment with Tonometer Mount of R900 (SO-TM1) and R870 (SO-TM2.

In Conclusion

Topcon SL-2G Digital Slit Lamp is a quality product from this eye care brand which is significantly prevalent in the optical and medical work field. It gives eye professional a clear, bright, and sharp image and videos. It used low heat illumination that enhances the device’s life and also benefits the environment. SL-2G is of the leading Ophthalmic Instrumentation with 10,000 hours life span. It is easy to use, maintain and also adjusted with eco-friendly and pocket-friendly specialties.

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