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Reichert XCEL 255 Slit Lamp

Reichert XCEL 255 Slit Lamp delivers high performance and lasting value. The newest Reichert Xcel 255 utilizes high quality optics, providing detail and clarity that will surprise even the most discriminating operator.

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Reichert XCEL 255

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Outstanding optical performance, features, and quality

Every eye care professional should invest in quality ophthalmic digital solutions, and slit lamps will always come on top of the list for most professionals. Though there are many brands and types of slit lamps in the market today, the Reichert Xcel 255 happens to be one of the most reliable ones you can invest in. Its design, functionality, versatility, and reliability makes it a necessity for every professional who wants to improve the quality of their eye care examinations.

The Reichert Xcel 255 has been around for some time, and as such, it has been thoroughly checked for quality and certified by authoritative bodies to be of the right choice for ophthalmic applications.

Reichert Xcel 255 Features

A slit lamp is just as good as its features. If it has useful features, then you can expect very good experience from its use. With the Reichert Xcel 255, here are some of the outstanding features you are going to love about it-:

  • 3-step microscope – the slit lamp has the Galilean Magnificate microscope with three-step magnifications of 25X, 16X and 10X. This gives users the versatility they need to get the details they desire from the examinations.
  • Compact design – the slit lamp’s design have a very steady and compact design that makes it easy to move around, will be sturdy when on a surface, and will also avail all the important controls in an easy to access manner for better handling.
  • Feather touch XYZ Joystick-it is a multidirectional joystick that gives users incredible maneuverability during examinations. With just a light touch, you can change the focus and improve the quality of the images as well as the videos.
  • Wide-field optics – with a slit rotation of 180 degrees, the Reichert Xcel 255 boasts of one of the best field optics in the markets today. This means wide and clear images and videos during examinations.
  • Filters – the Reichert Xcel 255 also has various filters, including cobalt blue, red-free and heat-absorbing filters.
  • Halogen Lamp – the lamp may not be LED like most of the market today, but having halogen lamps also comes with its own set of benefits. The halogen lamp in the Reichert Xcel 255 has voltage and illumination of 60V 20W.
  • Chin rest – if you have handled these instruments in the past, then you know that sometimes the back and the neck can hurt. But with this particular model, you don’t have to worry about hurting your back and neck due to the inclusion of a chin rest with a range of 80mm. it is part of the ergonomic considerations used in the design. The tube is also ergonomically designed to reduce the pressure on the back and the neck of the user when the equipment is in use.
  • The other notable features include dioptric adjustments, PD range of between 54 – 75mm, eyepiece – 12.5 x and vertical, longitudinal and lateral adjustments.

All the features above lead to outstanding optical performance that will, in turn, give rise to very high-resolution images and videos.

Reichert Xcel 255 Specifications

  • Microscope: Galilean
  • Magnification Change: 3 step rotation
  • Eyepiece: 12.5x
  • Magnification Ratio: 10x, 16x, 25x
  • PD Range: 48.5-80
  • Dioptric Adjustment: ±5
  • Slit Width: 0-13.5mm
  • Slit Length: 0-13.5mm
  • Slit Apertures: 0.6, 5.8, 9, 13.5mm
  • Slit Rotation: 0-180º
  • Filters: Red free, cobalt blue, heat absorbing
  • Movement Ranges:
  • Illumination: 6v 20w halogen
  • Voltage: 90-250 VAC
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Table Base Dimensions: 465x316mm
  • Weight (packaged): 52 lbs. (23.64 kg)

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