Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp For Sale
Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp

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Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp

The Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp is easily the most comfortable slit lamp available. It features a five-step magnification range, which can easily be adjusted through a knob without changing your eyepiece.

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Marco G5

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The Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp is easily the most comfortable slit lamp available. It features a five-step magnification range, which can easily be adjusted through a knob without changing your eye piece. It also features a superb depth of field, allowing for full illumination during observation and imaging. The model includes a dial in with a variable aperture setting to measure ocular structures to high accuracy levels.

Marco G5 Ultra combines functionality with ease of use. It has a one-handed elevation system and responsive tilt mechanism that is very easy to reach during the examination. This model also features five inbuilt filter for clearer display, and is designed with the patient’s comfort in mind. Here are some features of the Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp.

What features does Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp offer?

Larger field of view

Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp is fitted with specialized eyepieces that increase the fields of view by a third, in comparison with standard slit lamps. It features threading in the eyepieces to prevent slipping and reduce refractive error.

Improved optical efficiency

The optically enhanced light source offers high quality illumination for a crisp clear image and great video quality. It can also facilitate a reduction in intensity for general examinations. On this model, you can switch between the two modes easily through an engraved scale on the slit adjustment knobs. These bead-blasted metal knobs are ionized for enhanced comfort, durability and precision for optical efficiency.

Convenient design

The ergonomic design of this model offers great convenience across all aspects. It has a flattened surface on the magnification knob to allow the operator adjust power without being distracted, improving the efficiency of service. It has a joystick and rheostat to adjust elevation and intensity. Your operator will enjoy the joystick controller runs on fine-tuned gears for very precise movements. The patient headrest has been redesigned to comfortably suit more patients. It also mounts on other Marco Ultra models as well. Patients will be less likely to bump into the compressed transformer design.

Why should you consider Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp?


Marco G5 Ultra Slit Lamp components, such as replaceable knobs and the patient headrest, are compatible with other models in the Ultra series. This will make it easy to replace any part in the event of damage. It also supports tonometer attachments, beam splitters and assistant scopes for better imaging and diversification of function.

Ease of use

This model features easy to use knobs with special markings to allow for smooth transition between different modes without distracting your operator during an exam. Patients will face reduced examination times, and enjoy a more seamless process. The operator controls this unit with a joystick and rheostat which are closely located to make precise adjustments quickly. 

Great performance

The ability to add software modules could offer your practice bigger range in terms of assessing, diagnosing and monitoring patients. Your patients will benefit from additional functions such as the headrest attachments, as well as others that improve the quality of services offered.  This model has a wider field of view, boost in light transmission and optical efficiency, and an improved depth of focus for clearer and better quality imaging and examination.


  • Microscope :Zoom type converging binocular microscope
  • Slit Width: 0-10mm
  • Slit Length: 0.2mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm diameter
  • Magnification :5.9X-35X
  • Filters: Heat absorbing, UV, red-free and cobalt blue

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