Haag-Streit BQ 900 Slit Lamp For Sale
Haag-Streit BQ 900 Slit Lamp

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Haag-Streit BQ 900 Slit Lamp

Haag-Streit BQ 900 is equipped by default using a Galilean Microscope supplying a magnification range from 6.3 × up to 40 × selectable in 5 fixed steps. The large light transmission and the excellence guarantee a clinical perspective that is superb. The large diameter of the exit students allows evaluation that is fatigue-free even on extended days.

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BQ 900

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Haag-Streit BQ 900 LED Slit Lamp Ideal For Medical Purposes

Introduction To Haag Streit BQ 900

Retinal specialists always need something very advanced as medical equipment to get all detailed specifications about the patient's eye. It is one of the high-quality optical instrument that was all invented in the year 1858. However in the year 1959, "Goldmann Tonometer" slit lamp was known as BM 900 with a unique design, usage, and functionality.

Today with this earlier history of slit lamps is being more advanced and changed and are globally introduced and manufactured with Haag Streit with high performance, quality durability, and longevity.

Product Description About BQ 900 LED Slit Lamp

Well, that is just so prior that quality of design, material, craftsmanship, and personnel with the unique conception are all such thoughtful parameters. Haag Streit BQ 900 LED Split Lamp is the quite excellent optical instrument that comes with all advanced medical features. Its fascinating versatility gives soothing operational usage. It also offers high-quality video and still photography. With other additional optical accessories like teaching scope, inclined eyepiece and stereo measurement enhance its microscopy features.

Specifications Of BQ 900 LED Slit Lamp

Imaging Module IM 900

BQ 900 is all equipped with the highly sensitive camera, that produces quality defined images even in difficult lighting conditions. With this advanced feature, it gives patients a comfort that significantly enhances the ability to find out the struggling issues. Unlike other professional camera IM 900 is easy to use, record all detailed findings with the depth of field control. It gives the camera an advantage to adjust ideally. The optical equipment is compact, easy to use. In fact, it provides an ergonomic imaging solution on BQ 900 slit lamp for daily documentation, publication, and teaching integrability.

Easy Inclined Adaptor

It comes with a useful eyepiece that is simple to move and inclined upwards by 20 degrees from its actual (traditional/original) horizontal position. It also lowers the neck strain with more easy viewing ability position.

Zoom Optical

It also comes with Zoom Optical that can magnify in various ranges like 10, 16 and 25x.

Second Observer Tube

Also inherited with secondary observe tube for teaching and assistance purposes.

Stereo Variator

It comes all the way along with Stereo Variator with an average angle range of 13 degrees to 4.5 degrees. Providing help in easy observations and ideal for fundus viewing as well.

Beam Splitter

It featured with advanced Beam Splitter which helps in diverting some of the portions of light to second observer tube. It assembled with a slip lam lever, enhance the light quality back to the user's eyepieces. Two of its beam splitters are ideal for videography and another for digital photography. Even can be used with digital cameras for more improved detailing.

Camera Module CM 900

CM 900, specially designed for ophthalmic slit imaging usage. Quiet ideal with the sensor in providing users high sensitivity yet dynamic range to observe image even in lower light. It is also useful to view image dark eyes.

Illumination Control With Joystick

It comes with a pushing switch on the top of the joystick that efficiently controls the handling of BP 900 with right illumination level.

Cross Slide

In addition to many other specified featured and detailing of Haag Streit BQ 900 it comes with a cross slide mechanism. It basically helps it up in easy movement in both horizontal and vertical levels smoothly and effortlessly.

Illumination System

It gives necessary brightness that eases the use of the equipment with its cross slide mechanism. It provides a tilting yet rotating slip up to 8mm in length and width that is purposeful for observation.

Optical Quality

Unlike other Haag-Streit slit lamps, this is also a deal optical component that gives every detailed structure image correctly.

Yellow Filter

It is like good for enhanced contrast when Fluoresceine is in usage, gives a microscopic front ability.

Instrument Base

It gives grip, smoother adjustment, convenient control the full optical equipment.


Its single support column ensures the maximum optimal access to the patient. Halogen bulb in BD 900 supports 300,000 Lux illumination. The slit is adjustable from 0 to 14mm. It gives UV and IR filters with inbuilt filters of blue, red and grey as per requirement.

Video Port

The image captured to the camera is all diverted with a small prism which is there in a microscope. The video port present in BQ 900 is useful with CM 900 to some extent with small "C" mount camera.

Integrated Flash

As BQ 900 is all composed to give professional ophthalmic photography. It featured with high-quality flash that is adjustable with the camera, slit and even with background illumination. It provides the image with a professional level of digital photography with quality imaging. The camera is all placed on the top of the microscope give easy access to the patient's eyes diagnostic procedures.

In Conclusion

Haag Streit BQ 900 LED Slit Lamp is one of the brightest and homogeneous designs in optical equipment. It is all featured with quality imaging, adjustable magnification, with enhanced fundus. It gives the user an easy and smoother interface to examine patients perfectly with every detailed structure.

It is also rightful as can be connected with other additional and advanced gadgetry accessories. The ideal dimension of this Galilean microscope slit lamp is 312mm x 676mm x 305mm (W x Hx D).

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