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Heidelberg Spectralis HRA + OCT

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Heidelberg Spectralis HRA + OCT

Heidelberg Spectralis HRA + OCT is an ophthalmic imaging system having an upgradable, modular design. This stage makes it possible for clinicians to configure each SPECTRALIS into the specific workflow in practice or the clinic.

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Heidelberg Spectralis

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The Heidelberg Spectralis HRA + OCT can be available with an optional panning camera headset and an outside touch panel control for easy modification and acquisition. A variety of imaging modules allow the system to perform widefield and ultra-widefield imaging. 

The Glaucoma Module Premium Edition assess the optic nerve head, the nerve fiber layer, and the ganglion cell layer, and the AutoRescan function screens change over time. MultiColor Scanning Laser Imaging uses three laser wavelengths to display structures that are different inside the retina via fundus photography. BluePeak is an imaging mode that summarizes metabolic stress in the retina with lipofuscin as a sign. The Widefield Imaging Module offers a 55-degree field of view for OCT imaging modalities and all SPECTRALIS fundus. 

The Anterior Segment Module captures high-resolution images of the retina and scleral structures. The OCT2 module brings together fast scan TruTrack Active Eye Tracking and speeds to produce high-quality pictures efficiently. Scanning Laser Angiography can be performed using either fluorescein or ICG dye to capture images and videos of blood vessel action. The two modes are compatible with all the Angiography Module which may capture single-shot high-contrast images.

The infrared imaging capability of this SPECTRALIS expands the range of patients which may be imaged when small pupils poor media or lack of dilation hamper fundus cameras. Infrared light penetrates deeper into tissues showing structural modifications which may not be visible under contact lens evaluation or on light photographs. Both mode and 5 style version can be upgraded to the 6 style HRA+OCT.

Multi-modality imaging with Spectralis is helping push the evolution of novel therapeutics and changing the course of patient management in healthcare. By incorporating it by confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy employing a platform system, Spectralis has improved the function of domain OCT. The combination of this two technology has enabled innovative imaging capabilities, for example, active eye tracking, and blue laser autofluorescence, providing perspectives on the structure and function of the eye to clinicians.

The Spectralis platform has many versions at various price points. The workhorse model in the family in the Spectralis OCT, an economical, easy-to-use version with Autorescan and one-touch pre-set patterns. Additional versions permit clinicians to tailor a system. 

Heidelberg Spectralis HRA + OCT Features:
- Heidelberg Spectralis HRA + OCT 6 Mode
- Spectral-Domain OCT
- Enhanced Depth Imaging (EDI) OCT
- Infrared Reflectance
- Blue Peak, blue laser autofluorescence
- Fluorescein Angiography
- ICG Angiography
- Panning Camera
- Unit was recently calibrated by a Heidelberg engineer
- TruTrack™ active eye tracking: actively follows the patient’s eye during the scan, minimizing motion artifact.
- Heidelberg Noise Reduction™: combines multiple scans taken at the same location and eliminates noise from the image.
- Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope: for high-resolution fundus imaging.
- BluePeak™ with RegionFinder™: to monitor RPE health in conditions such as AMD and hydroxychloroquine administration.
- Five (5) imaging modes: infrared (IR), BluePeak™ blue laser autofluorescence, blue reflectance (BR) (this mode is sometimes referred to as red-free), fluorescein angiography (FA) and ICG angiography (ICGA).
- Movie image capture: for high-speed video angiography.
- Optional non-contact ultra-widefield angiography: offers evenly illuminated, undistorted, high contrast images in the far periphery.
- Fundus image field of view: from 15° up to 150° with optional lenses.
- Network ready: remote image review and optional EHR/PACS interface.
- Upgradable: the following additional imaging modes can be added to this system: Spectral Domain OCT.

-Heidelberg Spectralis HRA + OCT 6 Mode/
-New CPU with Windows 7
-12-month warranty

Excellent condition. Operating at factory specifications


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