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Visionix VX130 Autorefractometer

Visionix VX130 Autorefractometer Visionix VX130 is the Refraction and tool for an computer analysis of the posterior section.

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Visionix VX130 Autorefractometer is the Refraction and tool for computer analysis of the posterior section.

Visionix VX130 is the Total investigation of the cornea The VX130 is the monitoring system that is patient.

Blend of data accessed by the Scheimpflug camera and corneal topography information, depth maps and altitude maps can be obtained on a broad corneal surface.
Product with customized applications and web services for information storage.

VX-130 is a unique, fully automatic diagnostic platform with complete integration with management systems. It is entirely customizable and made to have the ability to export results, dimensions and generate reports.

Visionix VX130 is a multifunctional device that performs up to 90 seconds of fully automated eyeglass measurements. Compared to the previous model, the VX130 allows comprehensive computational analysis of the anterior segment by pacing performed in multiple horizontal sections of the eyeball.

Through the Visionix ® VX130, ophthalmologists benefit from intelligent equipment capable of simultaneously determining a variety of relevant parameters in deep eye researchers, glaucoma investigation, pre and postoperative eye examinations such as a crystalline implant or refractive surgery. The VX130 offers not only a new 3D experience but also the benefits of a multifunctional device for which viewing becomes more accurate, faster and more comfortable.

Seven strong points Visionix VX130

- Camera multifunction all-inclusive class compact - integrates seven measurements fully automated : refraction- keratometry - aberrometry - topography - pupillometry - tonometry - pachimetry
- Comprehensive Eye Tissue Investigation: pre-programmed ocular scan, computerized eye refraction investigation, diurnal/nocturnal examination, glaucoma investigation, post-operative eye tissue resection - crystalline implant, refractive surgery, etc.
- Versatility (global scan, cataract detection, opacity analysis, volumetric topography, intraocular pressure measurement)
- Portability
- User-friendly character in use - intuitive graphical interface
- Increasing the quality of the medical service and increase the efficiency of the treatment
- Reduce the time allocated to the patient
- Optimal monitoring of patients
- Connectivity (network integration of terminals)

PRE-OP cataract surgery

  •  Visualization of crystalline  opacities
  • Analysis of wavefront aberrations, with the ability to separate corneal and lenticular/internal aberrations

POST-OP cataract surgery

  • Post-op check on intraocular lens implants
  •  Axis alignment  check of the toric lens implant
  • Analysis of post-op output to improve surgery protocol

VX-130, in its daily activity:

Objective refraction and aberration analysis

  • Through the Shack-Hartmann sensor analyzes 1,200 points in a 7mm pupil 
  • Objective refraction in mesopic and photopic conditions 
  • Measurement of high and low order aberrations 
  • Achieve visual acuity and quality of vision with a minimum pupil diameter of 1.2mm.

Tonometry, pachymetry, and iridium corneal angles

  • Measurement of intraocular pressure 
  • Measurement of corneal thickness by Scheimpflug image 
  • Correction of intraocular pressure compensated by thickness 
  • Automatic measurement of iridium corneal angles using Scheimpflug image.

Corneal topography

  • Axial, tangential, elevation and refraction 
  • maps Keratometry 
  • Contact lens adaptation Keratoconus 
  • detection 
  • Eccentricity 
  • Corneal aberrations

Refractive surgery - Pre and postoperative:

  • Topography of the posterior and anterior segment of the surface of the cornea
  • Map of thicknesses of the cornea 
  • Map of elevations 
  • Anterior and posterior axial map, tangential and refraction 
  • Anterior and posterior keratometry, eccentricity

The device has a built-in thermal printer for printing the results of measurement for refractometric and keratometry. For the printing of topographic maps, it is possible by connecting an external printer.

VX Network
The VX130 easily connects through wireless or wired diagnostic devices of Visionix. The phoropter (VX60, VX55), lensmeter (VX40, VX35) and the chart monitor (VX24, VX19) create a network with the help of VX BOX which transfers the data between the device and also sends the data to an EMR software.

You have the possibility to connect to your network, making it easier to work and export information, as well as being able to consult your database from any terminal in your network through a PC, MAC, Tablet or Smartphone. The future of diagnostics is here!

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